Trans/NB Submissions Open

We are actively seeking submissions by and about persons who identify as Trans and/or Non-Binary

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We feel it is highly important to offer opportunities to trans and non-binary authors, readers, and the general public for works that describe how it is to live as trans and/or non-binary. Children’s stories are especially important.

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These books are often banned or removed from library and bookstore shelves because some unenlightened individuals, acting out of ignorance, fear, or some other troublesome attitude, complain or outright campaign against making this type of literature and story available to children, young people and even adults, thus denying all members of the reading public the chance to learn and enjoy reading about trans and non-binary people.

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It is especially disturbing to note that children who identify as either of these are being discriminated against and subjected to further harassment by adults who should know better. Propertius Press aims to help lift up these stories and voices in an effort to counteract the dangerous and disturbing forces that aim to silence trans and non-binary folk.

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Do you have a story? Hop on over to our Submissions Portal, and send us your words. We promise to give them a serious review, and very much appreciate your time and interest in our small, independent, not-for-profit Press. Happy writing!

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Award winning books

Twenty percent of our books have won significant awards and literary commendations – an incredible achievement for a tiny indie publisher! We are so very happy and proud of our talented authors.

Here is the esteemed list; titles are linked for more information:


CROSS BODY LEAD, by Elie Axelroth

CROSS BODY LEAD, by Elie Axelroth





















A LIFETIME OF MEN, by Ciahnan Darrell

A LIFETIME OF MEN, by Ciahnan Darrell


WINNER, READER VIEWS Mid Atlantic Regional Award, 2020








UNTIL WE’RE FISH, by Susannah Rodriguez Drissi

UNTIL WE’RE FISH, by Susannah R. Drissi



UNTIL WE’RE FISH was also nominated for the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the PEN Open Book Award, and the PEN/Hemingway Book Award for Debut Novels.





by Rebecca Potter


KIRKUS REVIEWS Featured Review, included in the print and online editions! “An absorbing and inspiring remembrance” – Kirkus Reviews

Submissions open January 6, 2022

We will be accepting submissions in a limited number of categories starting Thursday, January 6, 2022. Believe it or not, we are still working through some of the submissions from last year, in which we received more submissions than all of the last five years combined. The pandemic seems to have been an invitation to many to write down thoughts, to finally start that novel, to craft a poetry collection. This is all wonderful, and we encourage creative writing in all its forms. Because of this, we will be setting submissions caps and deadlines for each category. As the year progresses and we clear through submissions, we will be opening up additional categories, so please check back with us from time to time.

2022-2023 Short Story Anthology

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The theme for our Fourth Annual Short Story Anthology is The Natural World. Stories should take place predominantly outdoors or in some natural context, with nature a defining aspect of the work. Man-made environments and situations should take a backseat in the characteristics of landscape, plot, and other elements of your submission. Merriam-Webster defines “the natural world” as “all of the animals, plants, and other things existing in nature and not made or caused by people.” We would love to see stories that explore how interactions with nature cause tension, excitement, wonder, and/or increase the knowledge of the reader and characters in the story. Reconnecting with the natural world is vital in these times of pandemic, resulting in working from home, avoiding crowds, being cooped up in enclosed spaces, away from each other. How can we maintain our humanity without nature? How often should we try to be outside, in nature? What can happen because of it? Without it?

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Our catalog has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years! If you haven’t checked it out recently, please hop on over and pay us a visit.

And remember, it’s never too late to start writing. Perhaps one day, you will see your own words on our pages!

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2021 Short Story Anthology


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Every one of us has a love story within. Do you dare to share?
We are accepting submissions for the next Short Story Anthology! This collection, that takes its title from a line in Sextus Propertius’s Book I, Love Poems to Cynthia, evokes the mystery and tension of romance. Stories may evolve along a theme of romantic love, in all its rawness, oddity, and power, although this does not have to be the primary focus of the story.
We will make final selections for the Anthology by the end of April 2021. This collection is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2021. Winning authors will receive a free copy of the digital and print Anthology, discounts on additional copies, and a pro-rata share of the net proceeds from sales of the book, which will be available wherever books are sold.
When you’re ready, visit our Submittable form, and send us your words.

Coming March 16: Like Soldiers Everywhere

Like Soldiers Everywhere - Final Cover4-web
Pre-order at $14.99“So what do you think of Israel?”

You just here for the summer?” David said. “What are you doing?”
“One month. I was in a kibbutz for two weeks and I’ve been touring. Next week I’m going home. This is my last stop.”
“So what do you think of Israel?”
“It’s very nice.”
“What do you do at home?”
“I’m at Ohio State. I’m going into my junior year.”
“You’re twenty?”
“Yes. How old are you?”
“I’m twenty too.”
“No, twenty, too.”
“I see.” It made her laugh. “When do you finish the army?”
“Next year.”
“Then what’ll you do?”
“I don’t know. Work, I guess.”
“At what?”
“I don’t know. With my hands, I guess. Fixing things.”

In this sweet novella by Fred Skolnik set in the 1960s, a young American coed and an American-Israeli soldier meet at a café in Jerusalem, enjoy each others’ company, and fall in love. Upon her return to America, they begin writing letters back and forth. Eventually they meet again. Their story is sweet, simple, and breathtakingly beautiful, but in the background, the unrest in Israel foreshadows and finally demands the ultimate sacrifice. This is a tragic love story set just before the Six-Day War involving two young Americans — and representing, in effect, the tragic end of the Zionist dream itself, perhaps too fragile in its purity and innocence to endure.

Like all of our books, this wonderful novella will be available on March 16, 2020, in both ebook and paperback, wherever books are sold.

Pre-order your copy of Like Soldiers Everywhere in our bookstore, and get the lowest price available, with free shipping

Fred Skolnik is the editor in chief of the 22-volume 2nd edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica, winner of the 2007 Dartmouth Medal, and also the author of six novels, three under the pen name, Fred Russell. A collection of his short fiction, Americans & Other Stories, was published by Fomite Press in 2017. He lives in Israel.

Pre-orders: Something Like My Name

Something Like My NameYou can now pre-order your print or digital copy of the fantastic new novel by Adam Phillips, Something Like My Name. Pre-orders allow you to receive your copy at a substantial discount and before many online or brick-and-mortar dealers have the book in their stores. Books will begin shipping next week, and if you order now, we waive the shipping charges!

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To read more about this breakthrough debut, we invite you to review the press release for Something Like My Name.


New Release: Something Like My Name

Something Like My NameAdam Phillips has written a treasure, wide-ranging yet focused, intricate in thought, simple in language. Something Like My Name takes its title from the James Tate poem, Manna, which describes a moment of ineffable beauty and reassurance. Set in northern Idaho, the concurrent struggle of two young men to figure out their paths in life is filled with dark humor, encounters with odd characters, high times, revisiting old mistakes, and death itself. Raw, edgy, and powerful, it will appeal to readers who enjoyed books like Donald Ray Pollock’s Knockemstiff, Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, and Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn. Told in a series of somewhat rambling, linked episodes similar to Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson, with the incisive, gritty detail and unflinching tension of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, and touches of an almost demented, tragic hilarity that echoes William Kennedy’s Ironweed and Rick Moody’s The Ice Storm. You will find yourself shaken and stirred by the personalities in this story, by who they are and what they become, and the ending, while perhaps foreseen, is nevertheless surprising and satisfying.

Phillips, an Idahoan who has taught at the university level as well as at-risk eighth graders, has some ready familiarity with the absurdities and life challenges illustrated in his story. About the book, he says, “I wanted to demonstrate that this story, the quest to ascribe some type of meaning to yourself and your life, is really the only story that has ever existed, and that each one of us, from the first sentient caveman to the last post-apocalyptic survivor, is possessing and directing a localized version of this same story.  To execute this purpose, throughout the book I’ve placed threads of themes and details and characters from some very old very well-traveled shared stories, having spent several years studying the archetypal hero stories, the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and the Babylonian and Mesopotamian myths that both Bibles are based on.  Readers familiar with any of these sources will recognize the satanic and angelic forces tugging at the protagonists’ souls, the shrouded curses and augers, the bolts of vengeful wrath and beams of benevolent favor.  I’ve woven these epic shadows into the sometimes decrepit lives of my earnestly seeking but imperfect protagonists in order to represent the ubiquity of the collective quest.”

Something Like My Name will be available in both ebook and print in our Bookstore and all major online and retail outlets, wherever books are sold. It will be released on January 20, 2020.

Light in Winter


There’s no snow on the ground yet where we are. But the holidays beckon and there’s an excitement in the air that somehow seems as if some sparkling winter weather is imminent. Perhaps it’s because there are things afoot; we have been working on some huge changes — website, marketing, social media — and can hardly wait to share it with you.

We’ve been almost too busy to comment, much less plan, for holiday specials or promotions this year; suffice it to say we will moice-3009009 pasja1000re than make up for this soon. We will soon have big news about what we’re working on: more book  releases, a new poetry anthology, and — perhaps most exciting of all — increased exposure for our writers! So pardon our relative quiet these past few weeks, and we promise things will liven up soon!

Meanwhile, take a look at our bookstore for the lowest prices on all of our books – we’re certain you’ll find something to please everyone on your gift list! Cozy up with a cup of cocoa and a good read, and celebrate the turning of the season with us. We’ll look forward to serving up some really exciting news in the coming weeks… We can hardly wait.



Veterans Day Honors Those Who Served

November 11th is Veterans Day in the US, and is celebrated in other countries worldwide as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. It recognizes the moment when major hostilities ceased, marking the end of the Great War, or World War I.

Today, we honor the service and the life of everyone who served honorably in any branch of the military. For the curious, some handy facts are posted at

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All of us know a Veteran. Please be sure to let these persons know their service is acknowledged and appreciated today. The Veterans Administration has this list of nationwide deals exclusive to Veterans, including free or reduced prices at restaurants, retail outlets, museums, and services such as haircuts and flu shots:

More are listed at this website:

In addition, many of your local indie and small-scale retail and service outfits are also offering Veterans deals. Check for deals in an internet search using your locality + the search terms “Veterans deals” and they’ll come up for you!

Today, we are announcing that

EVERY DAY IS VETERANS DAY at Propertius Press!

If you are a Veteran, contact us through the Military and Veteran link at the top of the page, and we will send you a discount code good for 25% off the retail price of any of our books, including ebooks and print, when purchased through the Shopping Cart in our Bookstore.

From our own catalogue, we love the story told in Acropolis, by Howard Winn (Veteran), DSCN0336adjustabout a small group of soldiers who enter university courtesy

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of the GI Bill, as each attempts to settle in to a civilian life. The clash of cultures between privileged and working classes combined with personal struggles with PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and simple real-world adjustment battles amid the creative intellectual world of higher education makes for an engaging read. This book helped us to better understand the everyday challenges returning Veterans can face upon returning home.


Finally, in soon to be released…

brando cover-1-th
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Some may not be aware of the actor Marlon Brando’s own work with Veterans, which stems all the way back to his very first movie, The Men, in which he portrays a soldier who has to adapt to the loss of the use of his legs. In preparing for the role, Brando actually lived for several weeks at the Veteran’s Hospital near the filming location. He insisted on being put through the exact same rigors as the paraplegic men in the wards, having great sympathy for what these men experienced. As noted by several friends and biographers, Brando felt the best way he could help them was to make them laugh, maybe forget their troubles for awhile. Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming book, “The Impish Humor of Marlon Brando,” by Aubrey Malone:

…he was looking forward to his cinematic maiden voyage, being an admirer of Kramer’s social dramas. When he first met the director, he was dressed in his standard jeans and torn T-shirt. A number of paraplegics from Birmingham Veterans Hospital were also there. They expected an “actor’s actor,” so were pleasantly surprised at the offbeat man they encountered in his place. They were even more surprised when he expressed an interest in moving into their hospital with them full-time.

In fact, Brando stayed in the institution, which was located in the neighborhood of Van Nuys, in Los Angeles, for several weeks. In what would become typical Method, he wanted the experience of living as one of the injured and told his relations, “You can visit me there, but don’t be surprised if you find me in a wheelchair with a urine bottle.”

He even managed to convince a therapist that he was a paraplegic. As he was being fitted for leg braces, the man in question informed an attendant that he was “paralyzed from the tenth dorsal vertebra down.”

One day near the end of his sojourn, he was eating in a restaurant with the paraplegics when a wild-eyed woman entered. She started talking to them about Jesus, about how they might be able to walk again if they believed enough in him. They weren’t interested in her ramblings but Brando pretended to be. He gazed at her with rapt attention. He said, “I believe in the Lord.”

The woman said, “You should believe, soldier, because I know that with the Lord’s work you can recover.”

With that, Brando started to rise from his wheelchair. “I do believe!” he roared, “I do believe!” He gripped the sides of his wheelchair until his knuckles whitened. “I feel the Lord has come right into this room,” he said, “and into my body. The Lord is in my body. I feel it.” He walked to the bar and started dancing and leaping. The woman shrieked and fled the room to hoots of laughter from the veterans.

A New Anthology

Yes, we have decided to do it again… a new Anthology on the heels of the one we just completed. Metamorphosis: A Collection of Stories will be out in our Bookstore and at online retailers on July 21st, and in print soon after, but writers continue to pelt us with amazing, wonderful stories  – and pre-orders for our current Anthology are exceeding expectations. So we are offering the opportunity to do it again!

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Tentatively planned for Summer 2020, Whispers from the Universe will explore the connections between the real and unseen worlds. Where hidden miracles turn expectation on its head, and perception and reality collide with the unknowable. What do we really know about the physical world, and is physics more understandable than we think? What opportunities present themselves when we let down our guard and explore behind the obvious?

Sharpen your pens, and let us know what inspirations come to you in this latest venture into storytelling. Visit our Submittable platform to send us your best work. Good luck!

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