Holiday ordering extended through Monday December 11th! You can order Parade of Shades, the amazing, wise, and funny new novel by Jewel Hopson, now for holiday delivery!

Now available in paperback!


Propertius Press is looking for early readers for books scheduled to be released this year. We will have a limited number of eBook copies available from July 15th through August 30th for folks who are interested in reading and offering a review of one or more works.

If interested, kindly drop a comment below and email us at the address on the submission page. Alternately, feel free to message our Facebook page. Thanks and happy reading!


"Science Friday" Recommendations

"Science Friday" Recommendations (Photo credit: LollyKnit)

Provocative, engaging literature for the discerning reader who enjoys discourse.

Fiction, non-fiction, essay, anthology, selected young adult and children’s works  —

These are books you’ll talk about, share, and read multiple times.

Watch this space for upcoming releases.