Recently, we’ve been instituting some changes in the way we assess and process submissions, in an effort to get more books out to our readers a bit more quickly, without compromising on the quality you expect from Propertius Press. We encourage you to use our Submittable platform, and to read the instructions for submissions carefully. This is the best and most expedient way to ensure your work gets the attention it deserves.

writing desk Right now, we’re preparing our list of publications through the end of the year. Follow us on Twitter, here on our Blog, and at the Facebook page for all the latest news and developments, including an improved, more user-friendly website and shopping cart.

These refinements will mean we can spend less time with administrative tasks, and more time reviewing, preparing and finalizing quality literary fiction, non-fiction, verse, children’s works, and other fine offerings for our catalog. We know you’ll be as pleased as we are with the final results!


We are finalizing a short story collection to be published this year in our first Anthology, imagesand are very excited about the submissions received thus far. We have begun making our final selections for this unique collection, with the theme centering on Metamorphosis.

In this collection, the stories chronicle deep changes in at least one of the characters, where by a lesson, a journey, discoveries, the confluence of ideas, an accident or some other more esoteric circumstances the central character becomes more attuned to the inner and outer worlds than they were at the beginning. More than a coming-of-age or life crisis, it might be said each of these stories begins with a seed and opens into flower. Sometimes the flower could be said to continue the cycle back into the earth, but this is never for naught. Something always remains as a result of this evolutionary transmogrification that gives the reader something to consider, that perhaps wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

If you have a short tale of less than 20,000 words that you believe fits into this thought motif, please follow up through our Submissions portal. Deadline: April 30, 2016.

The Anthology Metamorphosis is scheduled for the Fall of 2016.


We do love submissions, to be quite honest. The Submissions page has recently been updated to reflect a bit of feedback we feel would be helpful for those considering sending a piece of work to us.


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It’s been an interesting year, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know many new and established authors. We’re finalizing decisions on several pieces, some of which we expect to release in 2016 as ebooks and paperbacks. After several fits and starts we also are happy to say that our long-awaited Anthology is coming together. If you’ve been holding out on submitting your short story, we encourage you to send it for consideration prior to the end of February.

We’ve also talked about audiobooks and issuing some of our most popular titles in hardcover. With all this in the works, this is certainly going to be our busiest year yet.

So …if you’ve read this far you probably have something you’d like to send us. What are you waiting for?

Bring it!