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by Sarah KayThe Blues, Mary  A new, short urban novel by Sarah Kay.

An Irish journalist living in New York discovers, through reflective narrative circling a series of interviews with members of a rock’n’roll band, the interdependency of  creation, craft, and audience, the key to understanding himself and what happened to his relationship with his beloved Mary, and how none of it  matters or makes any sense until he learns where he really wants to be.

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by Susannah EanesLucky Southern Women  A literary work by Susannah Eanes.

The rural landscape entwines around the lives of two passionate yet very different women, as the challenges they face as adults threaten to dissolve the bonds they forged as youngsters, and destroy the beliefs that brought them up out of lonely childhood. Only in the acceptance of reality, which threatens to result in the rejection of nearly everything they had believed in the past, can Sophie and Phoebe forge a way ahead for themselves and those they love. In so doing, they find each has an unknown strength that will be summoned for their greatest challenge of all, for what these two women face together will either destroy families and friendship, or ensure survival, lasting happiness, and love.

Available in all ebook formats at your favorite retailer – including Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Apple, Kobo, and others!

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by Howard WinnAcropolis A literary novel by Howard Winn.

After fighting the “Good War,” a small group of soldiers enters Vassar College, previously a women-only institution, courtesy of the GI Bill, and each attempts to settle in to a civilian life. The clash of cultures between privileged and working classes combined with personal struggles with PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and simple readjustment battles amid the creative intellectual world of higher education makes for an engaging tale, as young men struggling to recapture lives disrupted by war encounter the beginnings of the McCarthy red hunt years. The response of the students and the Vassar administration to politically-motivated attacks upon academic freedom, free speech and freedom of thought blur long-held beliefs of patriotism and service, as the men are exposed through their college studies to the thinking of Reinhold Niebuhr and others who question the nature of war, nationalism and aggression.

Parade of Shades, by Jewel HopsonParade of Shades A contemporary novel by Jewel Hopson.

All her life Karen Baker reacts to people who either praise or resent her tawny complexion. When her mother abandons the family, a biracial (Arab/White) woman from the Big Brothers-Big Sisters’ mentor program briefly steps into place and the encounter begins a change in Karen. She quickly learns that everything has a price. For instance, her entertainment choices are even more unpopular among her classmates than her vocabulary. Lacking a sense of belonging, Karen feels misunderstood in high school and defensive in college. Her failed romances with men of various ethnic groups make her life worse. Her problems follow her into the business world as Karen leaves Homewood, Pittsburgh’s largest ghetto. As she journeys through her life, she gives up the idea that light skin and long hair are the main definitions of beauty. She also stops believing college graduates are better than people who do not have an advanced education. As in Passin’ by Karen E. Quinones Miller and Good Hair by Benilde Little, this coming-of-age novel explores African-Americans’ internal color and cultural discrimination.

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7 Responses to “Bookstore”

  1. Lance Minnite Says:

    I was looking for Metamorphosis, The Anthology of shorts, I do not see it available. Is it out in print yet? Any more information on this you may have? Thanks ….

    1. propertia Says:

      Hi Lance,
      Take a look in the bookstore and click on the Shopping Cart link. You should be able to find it in our store that way. Thanks!

  2. Martin Says:

    Hello, Wondering if you have an update on when the pre-order books will come out?

    1. propertia Says:

      Hi Martin, Parade of Shades is already out, Acropolis is due out at the end of January, and Eye Exams and Metamorphosis will be up on the shelves very soon after that. We have several others in the works as well, so keep your eyes on the blog for the latest updates! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lance Minnite Says:

    Hi again.. I am still trying to find Metamorphosis. Is the paper version and digital version available yet? please advise. thank you.

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