Provocative, engaging literature, non-fiction, and verse for the discerning reader.
These are books you’ll talk about, share, and read multiple times.

Think of the books you’ll take on a vacation, curl up with over a long snowy weekend, encourage your friends to read, buy multiple copies to give as gifts.

These are the works we offer. This is what we mean by our motto, “Propertius prints for the ages.”

We are lovers of reading, of writing, and of the printed word.  We love the smell of books, the feel of crisp paper; we like to take our reading material everywhere we go.  We’ve embraced all forms of media because what’s portable is useful, and electronics helps to preserve old manuscripts for future generations.

If you’re an author looking for a publisher, we encourage you to check the Submissions tab for current guidelines. We are a small, independent not-for-profit located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, so we are able to offer very competitive terms to our authors, including professionally-designed covers, editing, formatting, and distribution to online outlets as well as availability to any bricks-and-mortar bookstore through Ingram. Our general publishing terms are to release within 12 months of signing a contract to publish, in both ebook and paperback formats. We offer our authors 40% of net proceeds, paid annually, free copies of their published works, and generous discounts.

Thanks for your interest. We are glad to have you with us on the journey, and are certain you won’t be disappointed. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the freshest news about our work!

Best regards,

The Staff of Propertius Press

Susannah B. Smith, Publisher, Senior Editor
Rachael Stern, Associate Editor
Elizabeth Bridges, Editorial Assistant
Stephanie Bridges-Bledsoe, Graphic Artist
Lara Blair-Keatts, Artist
For the love of books
For the love of books


Propertius Press, PO Box 13, Washington, VA 22747


* for electronic mail communication * we’re propertiuspress at gmail d@t com *

Woods-Meade House

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