Everyday Assays

An assay is an investigative (analytic) procedure in laboratory medicine, mining, pharmacology, environmental biology and molecular biology for qualitatively assessing or quantitatively measuring the presence, amount, or functional activity of a target entity. The analyte can be a drug, biochemical substance, chemical element or compound, or cell in an organism or organic sample. (Wikipedia)

Photo by Propertius Press

Our fourth Short Story Anthology will dive into the everyday, but not in the usual manner. Taking a hard look at the quality and quantity of the moments of our lives, the 2022 Short Story Anthology will explore the mundane as a part of the sublime whole of our lives, sifting, mining, and measuring those brief seconds and weighing them in counterpoint to the value and meaning of life itself.

Are you a writer who is up to this challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and join us as we dream of the possibilities in the whole, disarming, and fabulous array of precious and wonder-filled, everyday moments of our lives.


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